Friday, April 8, 2016

8 Top Greeting Cards

My love for sending a handwritten note runs deep. There's nothing like coming home to your mailbox to find a birthday greeting, a thanks/congrats or 'just because' note from a close friend or loved one. I love receiving and/or giving a greeting card for almost any occasion. I've rounded up my top 8 favorite greeting cards to have your recipient grinning from ear to ear. The next time you need to send someone some cheer, cancel out the cop out text and/or Facebook post and send some mail via the pony express. Your friends can thank me later.

1. I Like You I Love You Card, People I've Loved, $5.00

2. Bieber Card, Diamond Donatello, $4.89

3. Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Card, The Card Architect, $3.50

4. Baby Bump Ahead Card, Smudge Ink $4.50

5. After School Special Card, Tayham $5.00

6. I've Got Your Back Card, Paula & Waffle, $4.50

7. Birthday Card, A Zillion Dollars, $5.00

8. OMG Engagement Card, A Jar of Pickles, $4.50

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