Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I'm a Barbie Girl

{Barbie and Ken Photos - Girls Headstands on the Beach}

When I was a child, I was obsessed with Barbie. My mom could leave me for hours by myself in the living room playing with my Barbie dolls. The thing that I loved the most was dressing and undressing her into different outfits.  Who would have thought that what constituted as "playing" in my youth, would shape my full blown career decades later.

Over the weekend, my mom, sister and I went to Washington Square Art Festival and stumbled upon a booth that had me beaming with excitement from my childhood Barbie days. The artist, David Parise, photographs vintage Barbie and Ken dolls in their original 1960s outfits and utilizes the backdrops of New York, Miami, Paris, etc. to craft a whimsical scene. His prints are fun, make you smile, make you laugh, and for most (myself included) hit a nostalgic chord. 

He has over 75 prints on his website that you can purchase in a variety of sizes. It was so hard to narrow down my favorites because all of them are so fantastic. I recommend heading over to his website immediately to browse through all of them. But for now, here's a peak at my top contenders. Which one do you love the most?

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