Monday, September 12, 2016

Local Natives

It was the Summer of 2009, I just had a crazy breakup and needed a night out on the town. I begged Hillary to accompany me to a concert at Bowery Ballroom. The headliners that evening were this little band from Orange County called Local Natives who I met through my very good friends Sharon and Paul a year prior.

The concert that night made the worries of approaching single-hood fade away. For one, I was completely mesmerized by their energy on stage. They had a vibrate eclectic sound that would completely separate them from everyone else. Lastly, I could only hope for massive success in their near future. 

It's been seven years since that concert and what a whirlwind of success and popularity this band has ensued. Their third studio album was released on Friday titled "Sunlit Youth" and once again I am mesmerized. Take a sneak peak at my favorite song below and then go out and buy the album. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

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