Monday, March 27, 2017

Yoke Lore

Brooklyn-based artist, Adrian Galvin, formerly of bands Walk The Moon and Yellerkin, is back in 2017 with a big punch. His new moniker Yoke Lore just debuted a new single "World Wings" is the perfect next step in his budding career. 

Galvin was born into an artistic family, where his parents spend their days directing, acting and sculpting. Before settling on his passion of music, Adrian dabbled in photography, painting and even ballet. I love the meaning behind his name. In a recent interview, he explained that "A 'yoke' is something that holds things together. 'Lore' means a set of stories or a collection of ideas about an event, time, or culture. I want to tell stories about how things are bound and held together. I think something's value is in its relationship to everything else. Work in the joints; where things come together."

Not only are his electronic melodies and his eyes swoon worthy, he's got an album on the horizon. Fresh off a successful stint at SXSW, he will be heading towards New York at the end of the April. I've got my eyes set on you, Adrian. But for now, I've got this tune to carry me through till next month. Enjoy below.

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