Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bridal Shower Dress Code

Whether your excited or not, wedding season is approaching folks. With weddings come a slew of related events – engagement celebrations, bachelorettes and bridal showers. Most ladies often find themselves pondering the appropriate outfit to wear to each function, the hardest being the bridal shower. Here are a few tips to consider when celebrating the bride-to- be:

1. Let the bride shine in white. It’s a kind gesture to let her have the spotlight in solid white. She is the star of the show anyways.

2. Grandmother approved silhouettes. There will be a whole array of ages at this event, so consider your audience when picking an outfit. No deep v neckline’s or slits where the sun don’t shine. Check yourself in the mirror before heading out the door and ask yourself the question, “Would my Grandmother approve of this outfit?”

3. No Red or Black. Both colors can be a bit harsh when it comes to celebrating your friend’s upcoming nuptials. Red can be considered a “vulgar” hue and black can remind most of mourning. Stick to pretty colors and prints when celebrating your friend’s new beginnings.

Now that we got the bridal shower dress code out of the way. Here comes the fun part, check out my top picks on what to wear. I love the idea of a romper or jumpsuit as most people will opt for a fun floral dress. Which silhouette is your favorite?

Bridal Shower Dress Code

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